PVCu Casement Windows


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PVCu Casement Windows

PVCu casement windows are the most popular type of window installed in homes in the UK. PVCu casement windows are fitted with one or more vents, known as casements, which open outwards either from the side or from the top, often together with fixed panes, all within the same window frame. Generally speaking, the larger the window and the more opening vents it has, the more expensive PVCu casement windows will be.  PVCu casement windows in a woodgrain effect finish or ones with coloured window frames and decorative glass will be more expensive than plan white PVCu casement windows.

PVCu Casement windows – Friction stay hinges

Whether opening from the top or the side, PVCu casement windows are fitted with metal friction stay hinges which means that when the sash is fully open it dissects the opening in two, rather than being hinged from one side, like a door.  Different types of friction stay hinges can be fitted.  Some friction stay hinges on PVCu casement windows can provide almost full width fire escapes whilst others enable the outside of the window to be cleaned from inside.  These are referred to as a fire egress stay and easy clean hinges.

PVCu casement windows – Key locking handles with night vents

Key locking handles generally include a night vent function, allowing the opening section of the window to be locked in a slightly open position, and a wide range of locking systems are available from not very good such as cockspur handles to excellent, those fitted with multi-point locking in the form of shoot bolts and hook bolts.

PVCu casement windows in a woodgrain effect finish, with white frames inside.

Although the vast majority of PVCu casement windows installed in homes in the UK have white frames inside and outside, they are available in a wide range of wood effect finishes and solid colours. Coloured PVCu casement windows are available and include red, blue and green PVCu frames, often with white frames on the inside.  Woodgrain effect PVCu casement windows tend to have either woodgrain effect on both sides or on just the outside.  The advantage of having woodgrain effect windows which are white on the inside is to keep internal rooms brighter.

The most popular finishes for PVCu casement windows are white, light oak and rosewood, as shown below:

Light Oak


White PVCu