PVCu Double Doors


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PVCu Double Doors or French Doors

PVCu double doors are often referred to as French doors and have two hinged, opening sashes to provide a wide access generally from the rear of your home into the garden. PVCu double doors are normally fully glazed to provide high levels of light and an excellent view out to the rear, where privacy is not so much of an issue as it is to the front of your home.  PVCu double doors can be manufactured so that they either open outwards into the garden or inwards into your home and care should be taken not to have them obstructed by furniture, or to cause an obstruction themselves.

On very wide openings, fixed side panels may be required to one or both sides of the double doors otherwise the doors may be larger than recommended manufacturing sizes or too wide to be practical. It should be noted that even though both doors in a set of French doors will open, you would be normal only to use the main door most of time – the second door can only open once the first one has been opened.

Outward opening PVCu double doors should be fitted with restrictors on the tops of the door leafs which prevent the doors from opening more than 90 degrees, otherwise they may hit external brickwork and become damaged.

Light Oak effect PVCu Double Doors with side panels on both sides

PVCu double doors with side panels in light oak woodgrain effect

White Edwardian conservatory with PVCu Double Doors

PVCu double doors on an Edwardian conservatory

Rosewood effect Victorian Conservatory with PVCu Double Doors

PVCu double doors on a woodgrain effect Victorian conservatory

Locking systems on PVCu double doors

There are several ways in which locking systems on PVCu double doors can be configured. The main door will always have a key locking handle but to save money some door companies will not fit a handle or lock to the second door.  In this case, top and bottom levers are revealed when the main door is opened, which are used to release the second door from the outer frame.  If handles and a key locking facility are fitted to both the main door and the second door it would be wise to request that the keys are ‘suited’, that is, that the same key unlocks both doors in a set of PVCu double doors.