Change Colour of Existing PVCu Doors

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Do you wish your PVCu doors were not white? – Now you can change colour of existing PVCu doors

Change colour of existing PVCu doors – Coloured PVCu doors are becoming increasingly popular but there is a price premium for them and this can be as much as 30% of the cost of standard white PVCu doors. But what if your your existing PVCu doors are white and you would like them to be coloured?  A complete replacement of your PVCu doors would be expensive but now you can have your own PVCu doors brightened up in a wide choice of colours.

Change colour of existing PVCu doors - Red composite door

There are two main ways of creating coloured PVCu doors: –

1. Buy your PVCu doors already coloured

Once the PVCu profiles are extruded (the bar lengths of PVCu which are cut to size and then welded together to form door frames) they are foiled. This is the same process involved in creating woodgrain effect PVCu door profiles by bonding a very thin coloured and grained foil to the face of the bar lengths.

The coloured foil can be bonded to just the outside or to both inside and outside of the PVCu door frames. The advantages of this method are that the foil is quite robust, UV stable and the grain helps to replicate painted timber frames. However, due to the cost and method of manufacture, most suppliers have a very limited colour range – normally including greenblueblackcream and red.

2. Painting existing PVCu door frames

The second method to change colour of existing PVCu doors is to paint the PVCu door frames, and this can be done after they have been installed. This finally gives homeowners with plain white PVCu door frames the chance to change the colour of their doors, even though the colours are ‘flat’ rather than grained. For decades we have taken for granted that wooden doors can be painted, indeed need to be painted, but only relatively recently have paints been developed that bond to PVCu so well that credible guarantees can be offered.

Change colour of existing PVCu doors - Cream composite windows and doors

Change colour of existing PVCu doors – Colour Range

The main supplier for coloured paints which have been specifically manufactured for PVCu doors is Technispray Paints Limited™ which supplies Kolorbond®.  Kolorbond® is available in virtually any colour you could think of. The basic range follows the colouring system known as the RAL® range which was developed to avoid the problem of architects and product specifiers ending up with the wrong colour blue for example.  RAL Classic® colour 4-digit references have been an accepted format for colour definition since 1927 and they are used by institutions throughout the world to define and identify particular colours exactly, without having to exchange product samples.  The Kolorbond® range of RAL® coloured PVCu paints includes 155 standard colours available in matt, satin or gloss finishes.

Kolorbond® PVCu paints

Once your PVCu doors have been chemically cleaned and the areas around masked and covered for protection, three coats of Kolorbond® PVCu paint are applied using a compressed air sprayer.  Each coat of the paint takes around fifteen minutes to dry, though 24 hours to cure properly, and has a dry film thickness of 20 – 30 microns.  Unlike most paints which simply stick to the substrate surface, Kolorbond® PVCu paints bond to the PVCu surface at a molecular level. The particular characteristics of Kolorbond® PVCu paint are: –

• Available as standard in 155 RAL® colours plus virtually any other colour to match

• Available in gloss, matt, satin, metallic and pearlescent finishes

• Colour stability

• UV resistant

• Resistant to abrasion

• Guaranteed to adhere to the PVCu for 15 years and to hold its colour for ten years (proven in use for over 15 years)

• Can be used on PVCu or powder coated aluminium

Change colour of existing PVCu doors - RAL colour fan

RAL colour fan

How much does it cost to change colour of existing PVCu doors?

The process of spray painting your existing PVCu doors is extremely time-consuming. The areas around the door frames have to be protected from the paint, the doors chemically cleaned to remove dirt, grease and possibly moss removed and three coats of paint are applied over a two day period. Nevertheless the cost of changing the outside colour of a few white PVCu doors would be from around £1,000. This is probably less than the additional cost over plain white PVCu door, of having them installed as coloured doors in the first place.  And once your tired, plain white PVCu doors have been professionally coloured, your neighbours will be convinced that you have had new ones installed.

You can also change the colour of your existing white PVCu windows and change the colour of your white PVCu conservatory or orangery.