PVCu Coloured & Composite Windows


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PVCu Coloured & Composite Windows

As if there wasn’t sufficient choice within the various ranges of PVCu windows, including white and both woodgrain effect, more companies are offering PVCu coloured & composite windows to increase the choice even further.

Coloured PVCu windows

PVCu coloured & composite windows - cream coloured composite windowsColoured PVCu window frames tend to be spray painted with paints more related to the motor industry than domestic windows and doors. Extensive testing has been carried out by the various manufacturers to ensure durability, and high impact and abrasion resistance.

Due to the low volumes of manufacture however, coloured PVCu window and door frames tend to be disproportionately expensive when compared to white PVCu windows and white PVCu doors. Consequently the market has only really taken off in respect of commercial applications where companies have taken advantage of particular colours being available to portray a particular brand image.  If you have white PVCu windows it is possible to change the colour of white PVCu windows even after they have been installed.

PVCu Coloured & Composite Windows – RAL Colours

PVCu coloured & composite windows - RAL colour rangeTo avoid the problem of architects and product specifiers ending up with the wrong colour blue for example, RAL Classic colour 4-digit references have been an accepted format for colour definition since 1927. The basic collection includes more than 200 colours in either matt or gloss and are used by institutions throughout the world to define and identify particular colours exactly without having to exchange samples.

Composite windows

PVCu coloured & composite windows - PVCU windows black outside white insideComposite windows are a comparatively new phenomenon within the window industry and on the whole they make attempts to bridge the gap between artificial wood grain effect foiled frames and expensive hardwood frames. One such example, the Beaumont™ composite window is considered exceptional in appearance but as a consequence carries a price to match.

Beaumont™ PVCu Composite Windows

PVCu coloured & composite windows - Beaumont oak effect composite windowVisitors to this website will hopefully realise that the authors have gone to great lengths to remain independent and show no favour to one manufacturer over another.  But every rule has an exception and this is a very worthy exception. The Beaumont™ composite window is still made from PVCu extrusions and is finished with a woodgrain effect foil in the same way that other PVCu windows have a foiled surface bonded to the frame, but the similarities end there.

With a unique manufacturing process, the Beaumont window is a composite window manufactured in the same way that a timber window would be. It has an innovative sash corner system and hand scribed joints for all intersections of transom and mullion. The Beaumont™ composite window is the most genuine PVCu interpretation of a hardwood window the authors have seen.

Beaumont™ composite windows are only available with a grained, foiled surface and is manufactured in the following colours. Painted – white, cream, chartwell green, anthracite grey and black. Stained – rosewood, golden oak, nut tree and Irish oak. And although modern secure locking systems and handles are available, to add to the authenticity of the Beaumont™ composite window, a range of traditional ironmongery is also offered, including Monkey-tail handles and casement stays.  As if the unique appearance of the Beaumont™ composite window weren’t enough, needless to say it is an ‘A’ rated window for thermal efficiency.