Block Paving Laying Patterns


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Popular Block Paving Laying Patterns

Every driveway and patio will be a different size and shape which will often help to determine the way the blocks are laid out and the border design which will complement the appearance. There are however, a few basic block paving laying patterns which can be used to enhance a block paved area if used correctly and your block paving contractor should be able to discuss the merits of each one as it applies to your particular project.  For example, drives which start off narrow and then widen may look better in a 45º herringbone style as this would prevent thin sections of block being used on the edges as the width changes.

Block paving laying patterns – Computer generated designs

Many block paving manufacturers offer either software on a disc or as a download from their websites which is designed to assist in setting out a laying pattern for your new block paved driveway or patio area. The laying pattern would take into account the size and shape of the area to be paved and the types of blocks or paving flags you have chosen. The software generates a suggested layout plan which can be printed out and some also include a list of quantities to be used to order materials from the local stockist.  Just a Quote block paving installers have copies of design and visualisation software which can prepare your own block paving laying patterns.  Some even produce simulated images of your proposed driveway or patio area which can help you make the right decsion.

Herringbone (45º)

Block paving laying patterns - Herringbone 45

Herringbone (90º)

Block paving laying patterns - Herringbone 90


Block paving laying patterns - Basketweave

Stretcher Bond

Block paving laying patterns - Stretcher bond

Block paving laying patterns - Circular feature with tumbled setts

Circular block paving feature with tumbled setts