PVCu Door Repair


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PVCu Door Repair

If you need your existing PVCu doors or composite doors repaired and the company which installed them has gone out of business or the guarantee has expired, you will have to pay for the repair yourself. Types of problems can range from windows or doors catching the frame as you open them, broken hinges or handles, condensation between the two sheets of glass within a sealed unit or damage caused by burglars. Often windows and doors can be repaired, but if the cost is excessive it may make more sense to have a new window or door installed so that you benefit from recent advances in security and energy efficiency.

PVCu door repair or replacement?

Beware however, of companies which advertise as a repair business and then try to sell a new door when a repair would be more appropriate.  If the person visiting your home is a surveyor or tradesman with an in-depth knowledge of how PVCu and composite doors are manufactured and installed then fine, but if it is obviously a sales person who arrives at your home, be aware.

There will be times though, when it does make financial sense to replace an old, broken PVCu or composite door. A broken handle or hinge may be a cheap enough PVCu door repair but for anything more serious it may be worthwhile having a new PVCu replacement door installed with all the benefits of improved security and insulation that modern PVCu replacement doors bring.  If you do have a new PVCu door installed you will also receive at least a ten year guarantee which, under FENSA regulations, should be insurance backed so that if your installation company goes out of business there is someone to replace or repair the door if it develops a fault.