PVCu Bi-fold Doors


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PVCu Bi-Fold Doors

Whilst conventional double doors and sliding patio doors will remain a traditional solution for most customers, PVCu bi-fold doors are unique in offering almost unrestricted access to the widest of doorway apertures.  PVCu bi-fold doors use a combination of mechanisms from both hinged doors and sliding doors to allow individual – but connected – door sashes to both fold and slide open within a top and bottom track to form a concertina effect.  In most cases as many as seven sections of PVCu Bi-fold doors up to a metre wide each, can be connected together to slide one way or another to open up a room almost completely to the outside or into a conservatory. The wide variety of combinations should satisfy most customers, with door sections folding back to the brickwork on or both sides.

The size and complexity of the doors, tracks, hinges and locks makes PVCu bi-fold doors easily the most expensive of the various styles available – though in wide apertures there is no other door style which offers this amount of clear access.

White PVCu Bi-fold doors in the closed position

White PVCu Bi-fold doors with one section open

White PVCu Bi-fold doors half way open

PVCu Bi-fold doors

PVCu bi-fold doors provide a stunning feature to large homes, new extensions, conservatories and orangeries with the large glazed area providing excellent views of your garden.  When fully open, PVCu bi-fold doors will give you a seamless connection from your home to your garden.  PVCu bi-fold doors can also be used between your home and conservatory or orangery which can provide the widest possible openings from you home into the conservatory, and your conservatory into your garden.  No other type of hinged or sliding door can offer that.